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Created by SS Ravula & P Narayanan

Welcome to LunchkinLand - Home of the Lunchkins
The Lunchkins are magical anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables with special powers. Join the Lunchkins on their magical adventures with LunchkinLand Tales and Veggie Strips. The Lunchkins also visit your schools and communities to help learn about healthy eating habits.

LunchkinLand Tales

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Veggie Strips

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Sneak Peek

This exciting new series will grab the attention of all parents trying to teach children to eat healthy. This illustrated children's story will keep kids engaged. Don't miss: Bonus nutritional facts.

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About the Author

SS Ravula

Author, Enterpreneur, Physician, but mostly a Mom and sometimes a very passable cook.

About the Illustrator

P Narayanan

Artist, Geek, Dreamer. All three. All the time!

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