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Meet us
We are the KinTribe

We Are The Creators Of Lunchkinland and Veggie Strips

We are your trusted educational source for all things nutritional. We help your children learn about fruits and vegetables in fun interactive ways while also providing daily nutritious lunches.

  • We operate a school lunch service that schools and parents can participate in. Our unique perspective on school lunches includes daily servings of fruits and vegetables, six different daily meal choices, healthy snacks: all freshly made in our pristine kitchens.
  • We also created an edutainment service. We not only offer entertaining stories in our LunchkinLand and Veggie Strips, that can be purchased here, we also come out to your schools with book reading, recipe demonstration and delicious samples empowering your little ones to make healthy eating choices!
  • Our KinTribe can visit your community or local organization to promote nutritional eating fruits, live cooking demonstration, health receipes interactive exhibits of farm fresh fruits and vegetables. Our activities and demonstrations are geared towards parents and children ranging from preschool and middle school age groups.

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